About Us

NAFA established the North American Wild Fur Shippers Council (NAWFSC) in the Fall of 1996 to enhance the working relationship between the company and its wild fur producers. The North American Wild Fur Shippers Council gives trappers a strong voice in NAFA’s operations and is a meaningful way of making that partnership even stronger. Today, the North American Wild Fur Shippers Council leadership consists of an 8 member Board of Directors, collectively representing a vast amount of experience acquired through direct participation at every level with the trapping industry, from across North America.

On May 2, 2000 the 5,500 founding members of the North American Wild Fur Shippers Council purchased shares in NAFA. This historic step ensured trappers that they would always have an aggressive, professional marketing agency to sell and promote their fur.

Help Build a Brighter Future for Wild Fur – Join Today

You have the option of joining the North American Wild Fur Shippers Council. For a one-time payment of $25, you can become a Wild Fur Shippers Council member for one year.

The NAWFSC membership year runs from November 1 to October 31, therefore new memberships will expire on October 31st, annually.

Membership is optional.

The commission rate charged on your fur will be reduced by 2% for the 2017-2018 season. Currently, the commission rate for all trappers is 11% but as a member of the NAWFSC you will pay only 9%.

NAWFSC members using NAFA’s collectors, depots or pick up services will also receive free freight in Canada or handling charges in the USA for one year. Freight to the Depot or collector location is not covered.

Based on these two benefits alone, many trappers save the cost of membership in the first year.

In addition, the International Trapper Magazine is available, at a nominal charge, to trappers of North America who ship to NAFA!

The savings are real and they’re substantial. All Shippers benefit by shipping their fur to NAFA, whether they are members or not.

Every shipper is:

  • Guaranteed the largest buyer attendance and the most competitive prices
  • Guaranteed NAFA’s global promotion efforts will continue and expand
  • Guaranteed access to world fur markets
  • Guaranteed that your fur becomes part of the most respected wild fur collection in the world
  • We believe we can get better prices now—and higher prices in the future—if more trappers join our partnership and send their furs to NAFA.

How can you join?

You can become a member of the NAWFSC by selecting Join Now! or by telephone:

  • Located in the USA? 800-872-3877
  • Located in Canada? 800-745-0693

We need to know your state or province in order to answer most questions.
In all emails and phone messages, please include your account number, mailing address, and phone number.

For a list of depots where you can drop off your fur and pick-up schedules, visit our Auction tab on this website and look for your country. Our collectors can answer most shipping related questions.

The NAWFSC and NAFA believe that the future of wild fur prices should not be left to fate. We are working together to ensure that the auction room is full of buyers when your furs go on sale—now and in the future.

Give us a chance to prove how NAFA can work for you. Ship us some fur. Assess the results and decide for yourself. You will never look back.