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NAFA’s Wild Fur department researches and provides current market conditions and projections, handles customer’s wild fur inquiries, and provides tips on proper trapping techniques, and pelt processing.

What you need to know when you communicate with NAFA

  • NAFA needs to know your state or province in order to answer most questions.
  • In all emails and phone messages, please include your account number, mailing address and phone number.
  • For a list of depots where you can drop off your fur and pick-up schedules, visit our Depots & Pickup Locations pages for your country. NAFA collectors can answer most shipping related questions.
  • Shippers can have immediate access to their accounts on the web by providing a receipt number (red number on a collector receipt form) or a proceeds Cheque number (after CHQ or DEP on an account statement). Please find one of these documents before registering.
  • For access to your account online complete the NAFA registration form.

To contact the NAWFSC directly:

Joanne Lagrotta
Administrative Assistant – NAWFSC

Or you can contact NAWFSC Board Members directly:

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