October 15, 2017


NAWFSC memberships expiring October 31, 2017 will be offered a new one year membership expiring October 31, 2018 at a cost of $25.00. All benefits currently enjoyed will be maintained.

With over 10,000 memberships expiring October 31, 2018 and an uncertain market for Wild Fur, NAFA and the NAWFSC feel it is an opportune time to update the existing membership program, reflecting current conditions.

NAFA and the NAWFSC value your loyalty and support and, once details of the new membership program have been finalized, all NAWFSC members will be notified.

North American Fur Auctions
North American Wild Fur Shippers Council

May 15, 2017

NAWFSC Election Results Canada Region 1, United States Region A

Canada Region 1

Jim Gibb, from North Bay Ontario, has been elected to another three year term as NAWFSC Director.

Thank you to all NAWFSC members who voted in the election and a special thank you to nominees, Garry Fischer, Daniel Kott and Sean Thompson for their interest.

United States Region A

Conrad Lanham, from Shelbyville Kentucky, was acclaimed for another three year term as NAWFSC Director.

The results of the election were announced at the 19th NAWFSC Annual General Meeting held in Toronto, Canada Saturday May 13, 2017.

Dave Bewick

Executive Director

NAWFSC Election Results Canada Region 1, United States Region A


March 30, 2017

This year, elections for NAWFSC Director in Canada Zone 1 – Ontario, will be conducted electronically.

The first step in the election process will introduce approved candidates to members of Canada Region 1. This will be done via email.

The next step will be the voting process. A separate email will be sent to members, requesting their vote. The window for member voting will be Monday April 3, 2017 to 12:00 PM EST on Friday April 28, 2017. Members will be allowed one vote only.

The candidate receiving the most votes will be announced at the NAWFSC Annual General Meeting in Toronto, May 13, 2017.

For those that do not use email, ballots will be mailed out on an individual basis.


*”From Flowage to Fashion” – Long Awaited Beaver DVD Released*

Order DVD now!

The long awaited second DVD on fur handling, produced by the North American Wild Fur Shippers Council, will be available to members early this fall. This DVD, like the inaugural “From the Marsh to Main street” DVD, is free to current members of the WFSC and will be included with the fall issue of the” International Trapper”. The IT will also serve as a companion to the DVD with much of the referenced material available in the magazine

This second in the series focuses on beaver and is titled “From Flowage to Fashion”. It is 3½ hours in length and begins with the relationship of beaver to the very roots of the Fur Trade and the founding of our company North American Fur Auctions.

The DVD starts with pre-handling tips on the field care of your pelts, then takes an in depth look at several different skinning and fleshing techniques with an emphasis on helpful hints, proper equipment, their care and sharpening. It also covers drumming, proper boarding, sizing and drying. With a little side trip,  it ventures into several value added techniques from beaver tails to correct handling and grading of castors to beaver as the newest gourmet interest.

The grading of beaver is often a confusing series of pelt breakdowns. The DVD follows each step in a simplified manner, and is designed for even the first time shipper to understand. It looks in detail at the mistakes trappers make in handling their pelts and imperfections that occur beyond the control of the fur handler. Buyers give a different perspective on the needs for their clients and the garments they create. The auction process is demystified and explained.

And finally a look at the end result:

  • What drives the fur business?
  • What is our part as harvesters in the final product?
  • How can we relate to and understand all that goes into creating a piece of fur magic that captivates the consumer? After all, the interest and demand by the fashion conscious public is what keeps us on the flowages.

The DVD is by far the most extensive and detailed look at the entire chain of beaver in the fur industry. Its goal is to increase the fur handlers understanding of the process, his handling skills and the value of his product for everyone involved.

Reminder:  As a benefit of membership, the DVD will be mailed, late this fall, to all paid members with their IT magazine subscription. Please make sure that your membership and IT subscription are up to date.

Distribution to members without an IT subscription and expiring members who have not yet renewed will be communicated later.

Please see the following WFSC Notices: