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17 Coolest Gadgets for Men That Are Worth Buying

Jan 5, 2023

Hey, guys! We’re back with another one set of gadgets for men! So today we’ve got something for those who like to climb trees and fix something on the go. There’s also something for those who’re into unusual knives. As usual all the links to the products you’ll find in the description below. Meet your new interactive training coach presented by Stryk! RXT-1 is the first sparring robot that’ll improve your reflexes, reaction time, and cognitive processing. It comes with 4 foam arms, a head target and a torso pad. The coolest part is that it strikes like a real fighter, you can’t predict which arm will strike next. There are three modes for practicing your skills: Learn Mode gets the beginners accustomed to the rhythm and flow of striking, here’s where the RXT-1 helps to drill specific techniques. Spar Mode turns the robot into your personal sparring partner. It strikes in a realistic yet in an unpredictable way with four levels of difficulty with both southpaw or orthodox options. Combination Mode helps to master over 100 pre-programmed striking combinations or you can program any combination you can imagine. Here you learn how to defend your opponent's specific combinations or develop speed and accuracy by striking the pads as they attack. RXT-1 needs neither a mobile app, nor batteries. All the needed info and the settings are available on the touch screen. And it’s so lightweight, you can easily mount it to the wall in three easy steps.


Can you imagine a better coach that never gets tired and always ready to train? Here’s a keychain you can eat with. Literally, this is a well-designed combo of a spoon and a fork. It’s so lightweight and compact it’ll save you a lot of space in your backpack. But the coolest part is that it’s more than just a spork. It may also double as a bottle opener and a flathead screwdriver. And there are three metric wrench reliefs for emergency repairs. A pry will be useful when opening cans and a hole in the middle turns this thing into some kind of a defense tool. Cool! The spork also comes with a carabiner, so you can easily clip it to your backpack, jeans and so on. There are several colors to choose from, but bright yellow, pink and orange ones are harder to lose. Here’s a survival multitool that fits into the palm of your hand. Its tough aluminum body is built to take a beating and serve you for ages. The hand tool contains fold out ferrocerium and magnesium rods for fire starting, along with an emergency whistle, blade sharpener, and reflective panels. The compass and thermometer may also come in handy. The belt clip on the side is removable. Depending on your needs it may turn into a screwdriver, bottle and can opener, 4 different hex wrenches, a serrated scraper, and a ruler. Cool! In case the number of functions is not enough, here’s an axe you might be impressed with. Some features like a hammer, a pry, a lever and a nail puller will be perfect for camping. With 10 multitools in common it’s ready to split wood and break the ice. Last but not least there’s one more option with 31 multitools in one body to keep you going. In addition to the functions mentioned above, it has a 6inch foldable knife, a seat belt cutter, and even a gas valve shut-off wrench. Nothing can stop you now! No time to explain, it’s a key holder! It holds up to 4 keys and pocket tools, like a USB flash drive, a flashlight, a pen and so on. Made of aircraft aluminium and hardened spring steel, it’s built to last. The device is easy to use with one hand, and a removable end cap will lock the keyholder, when you don’t use it. That’s important: make sure this gadget is compatible with your keys! This is the type of lighter that won’t let you down on any occasion.


Looking at its stylish metal body, you can tell it’s nothing like the old-fashioned lighters. This thing charges via micro USB and uses a touch sensitive button for ignition. Actually, there are two ways to use it. You can either quickly light a cigarette or get a turbo flame for more intense tasks. The lighter comes in several great colors and can be also customized with a laser engraving. Speaking of laser engraving, you can get high quality engraving done at www.topnotchengraving.com. And here’s an option that combines modern features with classic gold design. You still get two types of flame and the USB charging port. A great combination of luxury and utility! You’ll like this one. It’s a titanium ring. It’s durable and sturdy, that’s cool, but the coolest part is a set of tools on the accessory's top. So it’s a 4-in-1 multi tool with the most needed things on an everyday basis, including 2 knives with different blades, a bottle opener, and a comb. But you can go even further and customize the ring with any other tools. Pliers, for example. And here’s a titanium Piston fidget ring for car guys! Turn the wheel and enjoy the view. Looks calming! This is a carabiner with some benefits. Its titanium body will handle up to 110 pounds, so your keys are just a toy. But a simple movement turns it into a foldable knife. The scalpel blade is sharp enough to deal with any kind of fabric, paper, boxes and cords. Two angles of rotation make the task even easier. When it gets dull, you can replace it in no time. And a ruler nearby is always handy. Cool! Here’s the wallet you should take a look at. Made of stainless steel and polyester leather it’s really durable and will last you for years. Its accordion-style card slots are ready to keep all your credit cards and a snap secured coin compartment will take care of change and some other little things. Looks cool and reliable! There’s also a long slot for your dollar bills. But the main feature is that this wallet can actually bend and repeat your body lines. Yep, that means you can put this thing in your back pocket and literally sit on it. Everything will be just fine! With a wide range of sizes and color options to choose from you’ll definitely find your perfect match! This one’s for hunters. It’s a set of steps for safe tree climbing. So the kit includes 7 aluminium steps, a ratchet and a holster that provides you with several carrying options. Everything’s pretty simple, just strike the step against a tree and crank it with the ratchet tool - and you’re ready to go. Wide ribbed surface to stand on and a handle to hold on to add several points to safety. And to make it even easier and safer, you can install the steps using just one hand! Have you ever thought climbing trees can be this quick and simple? Now, at first sight, these watches look like they were designed in prehistoric times.


Firstly, they’re fully crafted from sustainable wood. And secondly, these are actually handmade. But as soon as you switch on the integrated LED display, this thing turns into a bright and modern gadget. The watch features an unusual eye-catching dial that lights up with several different colors, depending on the version you get. Also, there’s a neat physical button that lets you quickly set the time and check the date. If the round design is too regular for you, this hexagon model might suit you better. Both models are available in a variety of cool colors. As for the strap size, you can easily adjust it. All it takes is a little awl and a hammer. The watch is battery-powered so it doesn’t require charging. Plus, it comes in a nice bamboo gift box! Compact, handy and portable – this innovative driver tool checks all the boxes. Featuring 6 swappable driver tips, this thing is versatile as it gets. All the tips are neatly hidden in the special compartment inside. Strong integrated magnets secure the bits firmly, ensuring high torque and easy operation. The handle is made of aluminum that’s lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Thanks to the anodized surface the tool’s also scratch resistant. The whole thing is so small, you can carry it in your jeans pocket! In case of any emergency, a quality self-defense tool might be of great use. This one, for instance, stands out with an extremely tough body, fully made of titanium. The knuckle-like shape makes this thing really comfortable to hold. Also, the sharp end is equipped with a tungsten steel head that easily breaks through glass. The tool comes with its own sheath for carrying. Or maybe you’d prefer the good old folding knife. This blade combines an exquisite titanium handle with a real sharp blade. Whenever it gets worn, you can easily replace the blade with a new one. There’s just one screw to remove. If you wish for something more portable, this multitool is a great option. It features a little built-in blade with a fast and secure release mechanism. And in addition, the tool includes two types of screwdrivers along with a bottle opener.


Last but not least, there’s this ultra compact pocket clip tool. Made of pure titanium, this thing acts as a pry bar, box cutter, ruler and bottle opener. Not to mention the integrated screwdriver tips. Plenty of functions for something the size of a pen! Here’s something that lets you start the flames with just a push of a button. Its ergonomic shape, slip-proof rubber coating and automatic shut-off add several points to comfy and safe use. Whether you have small or larger logs, the fan vents provide the right flow of oxygen to start a fire, you can easily adjust it. Flame retardant nozzle allows you to get the bellows right where you need it. Last but not least, the device is battery-powered and ready to produce up to 180 bursts. No more messing around with matches and shavings. Starting a fire has never been that easy!

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