First Look: FLIR Scion® Outdoor Thermal Monocular

Jan 5, 2023

Hey guys, Mike Pawlowski here. As you know Gridiron Outdoors we've been working with FLIR for the last couple years and I'm constantly amazed at the products that they come out with. The innovation, the attention to detail, all the things that they do. This year they've come out with another brand new product that's astounding, the Scion OTM. And with all the features that they have in this new unit it's amazing that it doesn't weigh 500 pounds. But this thing is absolutely packed. It has the Boson 640 core, you can go 320 or 640, 12 micron which means you have ultra fine picture quality as you're looking through it. Your image now is like TV, it's a 60 Hertz refresh rate, and so it's just like watching TV. It is a fantastic unit.


For hunters who have used a Scout III, you'll see a similar body style, but this unit is a little bit heavier, a little bit more solid, but packed with all those features. It has onboard video recording with 2 gigabyte internal storage which means that you can shoot directly to it, and 640 by 480 which is a standard DV format. You also have an upgrade slot for a card that goes up to 128 gigs so you can literally shoot video for weeks and never have to change out that card. It will also geotag it. We have GPS on board this year and so all of your images can be geotagged and you can capture images as well as video. On top of that if you're used to the Scout III or if you've used the Breach or all the new Boson core stuff, this unit has target recognition up to 500 meters in the field. That is a pretty exceptional unit. We do a lot of night hunting on the show, and so having target recognition up to that distance - this thing is going to be a game-changer.


It also has onboard Wi-Fi, onboard Bluetooth - I told you, there is a bunch of features on this thing. You are going to love it, if you've used any of the FLIR products in the past you know that they have outstanding quality and the new Scion OTM is no different. This unit is going to change the way that you hunt, change the way you do things at night, I am looking forward to using it in the field. Just launching it here at Shot Show 2019 - if you're around come down, visit, check it out, talk to people, it's a great unit you're gonna love it as part of your gear pack going out. I'm taking this one with me so they're not going to have it - no if this will be here. But I'm getting one and we're gonna use it on the show. We'll check it out this year, we'll get you a bunch of content, but check us out and also you can check us out on Facebook. Check out FLIR on Facebook you can see all their units - from the Breach to the ThermoSight Pro the new Scion OTM - all of them awesome units. Check it out for yourself and you'll see it on the show this year.

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