North American Wild Fur Shippers Council



Are you shipping to NAFA?

NAFA offers the most comprehensive collection of Wild Fur on the market today. If you are Selling with NAFA, contact the designated representative in your area for details. Our representatives will be happy to provide you with important information on how to sell through NAFA. Representation is matched to which country you are shipping from; United States or Canada. Make sure you read the ‘Conditions of Sale’ and ‘Shipping Details’ to get started. For a full list of representatives you can contact, go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab on this web page.

Are you a first time shipper?

If your answer is ‘YES’, you can get started right away without having an Account already setup. Upon receipt of your first shipment, an account will be created for you. If you wish to setup an account before you ship, complete our ‘Registration Form’.

How can my pelts get to NAFA?

Pelts can be shipped directly to NAFA, dropped off at a NAFA depot or given to one of our collectors on a pick-up route. The easiest way to make a decision on which method is right for you, view Selling with NAFA for further details.

When should my pelts be at NAFA?

Organizing a world-wide auction requires planning and schedules. You have the option of deciding which auction you wish to participate in or every auction if you choose. Each auction has a ‘last receiving date’ posted each year you can view here. Make this link one of your favourites.

Where can I get my shipping supplies?

NAFA is happy to provide the bags and bag tags you require in order to ship your pelts. If you are a regular shipper, NAFA will mail the supplies to your door step before the collection period arrives. Understanding how many pelts can be placed into a single bag helps keep your pelts safe from damage and helps the collection process move quickly. Too many bags will slow the collection process down and introduces more handling of the pelts than is necessary. Ask your NAFA representative for details when you ask them for your supplies.

When do I know my pelts have arrived?

By opening ‘Your Account’ at NAFA, you gain access to online information about your pelts. Acknowledgement of your pelt receipt is posted to your account when the pelt has been physically received at one of NAFA’s processing plants.

Can I follow the Auction online?

Yes! NAFA provides a direct feed to the Auction Board over the web alone with sound. In addition, an auction schedule is posted prior to the Auction informing all consignors when Lots will be sold. Within ‘Your Account’ prior to the Auction you can view your Lotting letter informing you as to which lot(s) your pelts are bundled. You can always decide to attend and see for yourself.

How do I stay informed on what is happening in the trapper Industry?

Visit this site often. You can open an account on this site also. The NAWFSC has many resources which will eventually include an online forum where you can ask specific questions and get answers directly from our membership and NAFA  staff. All these resources are behind the public pages but require a log in to this web site to get there. Your membership allows you access. Go here to create an account and get started.